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Is That LinkedIn Invitation Real or Fake?

Posted:December 12, 2014 | Tags: Invitation, Networking, Social Media, LinkedIn

Is that LinkedIn Headline Real or Fake?

It seems that LinkedIn has become a breeding ground for fake profiles. So, how can you tell when if an invite’s legit or not?

Here are a few things to consider before you accept a LinkedIn Connection, to help you determine if it’s a real person:

Here are some hints on how to spot a Fake LinkedIn profile:

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and the photo is usually the first give away. If it looks suspicious it probably is.

Does the person look like a...

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Is Your Name Confusing Decision Makers?

Posted:February 19, 2015 | Tags: Interview, LinkedIn, Resume, Job Search

Is Your Name Confusing Decision Makers?

By: Danielle Beauparlant Moser and Renee Zung 

Is your name is confusing the people with whom you’re communicating? If so, it’s not too late to fix it. In other words, will the Real You please stand up?

It is common especially for women to change their name, but you do not want to be lost in the transition. For job seekers it is important to keep your name consistent across all marketing material: Resume, LinkedIn Profile, business cards, Personal...

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Should I Share "Status Updates" on LinkedIn?

Posted:July 14, 2016 | Tags: Personal Branding, LinkedIn, Career Management

Yesterday, while facilitating a LinkedIn webinar, we touched on the subject of using the SHARE AN UPDATE feature (found on your Homepage). Participants had many questions, the answers to which I’m sharing here.

There are some statistics floating out there that LinkedIn says sharing a status update once a week means you’re 7 times more likely to receive opportunities.

What that says is that while sharing is helpful, quality trumps quantity.

WHAT should you share? Your commentary on an...

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Updated: Being Active on LinkedIn Whilst Protecting your Executive Presence

Posted:May 29, 2020 | Tags: Branding, LinkedIn, Executive Presence

Your LinkedIn activity is front-and-center on your profile page for viewers to see.

Protect your executive presence (and personal brand) by avoiding this common mistake: Selecting the thumbs-up-LIKE (or other REACTIONS button) when viewing posts on your LinkedIn Homepage Feed.

Here are 4 rules to follow if you like (as in "fancy" or "agree with") a post:

1) Rather than selecting any of the REACTIONS options, COMMENT on it, recognizing that your network and theirs will see it

Why are...

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