Your LinkedIn activity is front-and-center on your profile page for viewers to see.

Protect your executive presence (and personal brand) by avoiding this common mistake: Selecting the thumbs-up-LIKE (or other REACTIONS button) when viewing posts on your LinkedIn Homepage Feed.

Here are 4 rules to follow if you like (as in "fancy" or "agree with") a post:

1) Rather than selecting any of the REACTIONS options, COMMENT on it, recognizing that your network and theirs will see it

Why are comments important? Read this great post by @Andy Foote for metrics that explain **

** Footnote on Andy's post, per item #6 ("Shares have become almost USELESS from an engagement point of view..."): If you're working to build your presence and demonstrate thought leadership, then share anyway.

2) Rather than selecting any of the REACTIONS options, SHARE it with a comment and take the extra step of saying thank you to the person who posted it (or brought it your attention on your feed)

3) Rather than selecting any of the REACTIONS options, SELECT the name of the person who posted it or brought it your attention and send them a MESSAGE (it’s a great way to re-connect with someone, creating new levels of engagement)

4) IGNORE it. I know, it sounds extreme, but the goal is not to have others (who are viewing your profile and activity on LinkedIn), think you're treating LinkedIn as though it were Facebook.

Remember that LinkedIn has previously indicated that those who share even once a week are 7x more likely to receive opportunities.

That said, however, it’s important to be mindful of your level of activity, especially if you’re in transition. Be sure to share / comment / message at a rate that will be sustainable once you land that next-best-step.

Other ideas? I’d love to hear them!